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Business Consultant.

I believe in the power of change.
My experience taught me, that, when we are brave enough to let go about our daily routine, the comfort of the familiar to try something new, this can only be beneficial (even when we fail, as the lessons we learn from the failure are too precious to ignore).
I am also convinced we all have it in us to become a better version of ourselves. Maybe we can do it on our own, maybe we need guidance and help, but it is in all of us waiting to be called upon.

This belief is what drives me in these difficult times and this is why I made a daring life-changing decision in the middle of the pandemic and in the face of the upcoming economic crisis. I choose to give up the security of the life as an employee and put myself at the service of facilitating change and adaptation.

My Concept
the now

The Now

We draw up together the way things are​:

  • What is going well and what is going wrong
  • What needs to improve
  • What needs to stop
  • What can we rely on
the way

The Way

We find the means, the steps and the changes needed to achieve your goal:

  • What can we build on
  • What obstacles may arise and how can you pass them
  • What is your optimal pace
  • Who can help you on the way
the desired future

The Desired Future

We design together the future that best suits you:

  • What are your goals and desires
  • What it looks like
  • What values should it bring you
  • In what way it will make you better

Reconfiguring your business

Implementing or enhancing controlling function
to get the best out of the financial resources...

Professional, leadership coaching and training services
to have efficient human resources...

Overall assessment of the company’s performance, implementing or revising internal procedures and processes
to keep your business balanced in all respects ...

Reconfiguring your personal life

Life coaching
to improve your personal life...

Leadership coaching
to be the best leader you can be ...

Financial coaching
to reach your financial balance ...

to improve existing or learn new skills...




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